Quality and Value

We take great care to ensure that our services are the best value for money in the business, and we

know that outstanding value means ensuring all things are right , not just the price.


Affordable Price

Designed with you in mind, our packages can be tailored or built completely from scratch to suit your needs. Our experienced travel experts have the resources at hand to make your dream a reality.

Great Support

We are always there for our clients, no matter what day of the year or time of the day. We are available 365 days a year, with a 24 hour emergency number, ready to help our clients whenever.

About Us

Al Tayyar is a highly ranked travel agency in Egypt, known for its excellent quality and tourism services. Founded in 1995, Al Tayyar is known to be one of the largest travel groups in Egypt.With Al Tayyar’s experience, they have developed a deep understanding of the local travel needs and preferences. We are dedicated to offering the best experience possible for each and every traveler, and we work hard to ensure flexibility in making arrangements that meet their expectations.